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Agnes Huebscher

As the European Marketing Director, it is my task to increase EO’s recognition in the region and to support sales. In this role, I function as a liaison between our US headquarters and regional colleagues who need to stay in close contact with our sales team, EO’s product management, as well as corporate marketing. This makes my work very interesting and versatile. In our region, I have the pleasure of leveraging a variety of marketing tools together with my team, and we very much enjoy representing EO’s image in the best way.

I joined Edmund Optics as the European Marketing Director early 2013. After 11 years in the industry with global marketing responsibility, I was ready to support a US based company to further grow internationally. As I have been living in the US for more than 2 years as a student and studied intercultural business administration and management with strong focus in Marketing, I feel very much connected to the American culture and was ready to once again experience that working environment. Coming from a large company similar to the size of Edmund Optics, the transition was very easy and I am enjoying the EO family-oriented, company culture. My daily tasks are to address the regional media, prepare advertisings, organize trade shows and events, develop content, support the sales team with marketing tasks, prepare our regional catalog mailing, optimize our website and I am also part of the European Leadership group that is responsible for the strategic development within the region.

Edmund Optics has significantly improved its brand recognition in Europe within the last several years in the optics and photonics community. This is strongly supported by our great product portfolio, as well as our great marketing presence. Most important is our involvement in regional optical societies and networks. As such, I am an active member of the Marketing team of SPECTARIS, our German Industrial Association, Chair of the European Advisory Council of SPIE, member of the next generation team of SPECTARIS focusing on lobbying, and an active supporter of the optical networks in various states throughout Germany and Europe. Edmund Optics is also very visible through multiple sponsorships, great customer loyalty programs and created stunning memories by hosting great customer events.

Overall, I have the pleasure to work in a great position where I can see my own impact on the company and our success. I very much enjoy what I do in Europe and with the support of the EO colleagues around the globe, I am looking forward to the new tasks and successes to come.Right Quotation Mark

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