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Edmund Optics® Announces Winner of 2014 Norman Edmund Inspiration Award

Medical Device Eases Diabetes Testing in Children

11/5/2014, Barrington, NJ USA   —

Edmund Optics®, the premier provider of optical components, announces the recipient of the 2014 Norman Edmund Inspiration Award, Mr. Shahid Haider, from the University of Waterloo in Canada, will receive $5,000 in product donation to further his research. Mr. Haider is recognized for developing a medical device that eases diabetes monitoring in children.

The medical device developed by Haider is a non-contact, handheld imaging system which simultaneously captures multiple polarization states of the eye to infer a patient’s blood glucose concentration. Typically Type-1 diabetics have to prick their finger to get an estimate of blood glucose levels and for many children this process is not only inconvenient but painful. By eliminating any pain associated with diabetes testing, this device has the direct potential to improve the quality of life for those afflicted with diabetes, including reducing the risk of eye, kidney, and heart damage.

Polarized light has been proven to be able to infer blood glucose level in research with a high degree of accuracy since the early 1990s. The extraordinary part of this project is the development of a simultaneous method of polarization state image capture. Previously, to capture multiple polarization states, filters had to be exchanged and the capture had to be sequential, but through the use of filter assemblies, corrective optics and manipulating optics, simultaneous capture is possible. Coupled with a high resolution detector, the images can be captured on a single detector allowing for a compact design to fit the hands of a child. With this non-contact method for inference, there is little chance to cause discomfort to the user.

“Mr. Haider’s use of optics in this device is not only innovative but commendable in his desire to improve the lives of individuals, especially children, suffering from a potentially debilitating illness,” commented Kirsten Bjork-Jones, Director of Global Marketing Communications. “At Edmund Optics we are always proud to support optical advancements and to push optical research to new heights.”

The Norman Edmund Inspiration Award honors the contributions made by Norman Edmund to advance the science of optics. The recipient of the award is chosen from among the 45 global finalists in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, who best embodies the legacy of Mr. Edmund.

To learn more about Mr. Haider and EO’s Educational Award recipients please visit www.edmundoptics.com/award.

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