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16.5" x 19" Copper, Commercial Grade Colored Polarizing Film

Lager #27-821 Ausverkauf
Stk. 1-3
Stk. 4

Linear Polarizer
Wellenlängenbereich (nm):
400 - 700
Dicke (Inch):
Größe (Inch):
16.5 x 19
Dicke (mm):
Transmission (%):
Polarizing Film
Anzahl Filme:

Konformität mit Standards

Nicht konform

Beschreibung Produktfamilie

  • Feature Standard Designs and Specifications
  • Available in a Variety of Color Options
  • Ideal for Visual or Optical Effects

Colored polarizing film are linear polarizer sheets with differing colors used for visual and optical effects. Used primarily for visual applications, colored polarizing films will have differing effects with regards to glare, haze, color absorption, and contrast. Certain colored polarizing films have much higher transmittance than standard polarizers and will not block the entire portion of the visible spectrum when crossed.

Commercial Grade Colored Polarizing Film offer commercial quality, at an affordable price. Commercial grade optics have standard designs and are available on an ongoing basis. They are recommended for volume buyers or OEMs.

Color Options

Dark Yellow: Improves visual perception. Works best for contrasting colors on blue or green backgrounds.
Amber (Blue Glare Guard): Absorbs 96% of blue light.
Copper: Low single piece transmission, best for glare reduction.
Yellow: Highest transmission rating. Best for countering haze conditions. Crossed yellow polarizers do not block majority of spectrum.

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