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Edmund Optics donates 500 Optical Outreach Kits

Inspiring the Next Generation of Optical Scientists at Photonics West

2/27/2015, Barrington, NJ USA   —

An unwavering passion from the founders of Edmund Optics®, the premier provider of optical components, has always been to promote and inspire science and engineering in younger generations. To this end, over 500 “Optics Outreach Kits” were created by Photonics West attendees. After packing an outreach kit, attendees had the option of taking the kit home to their own family, school or club, or donating it to the San Diego Science Fair, which takes place from March 14-20. In addition to the hundreds of kits taken home by attendees, over 100 kits were donated and shipped to the Science Fair after the show close on Thursday.

The EO “Optics Outreach Kit” offers parents and educators an exciting mix of educational grade optics, ideal for showing new and curious students the wonders of optical science and instructions for conducting a ‘bending the light’ experiment. Each kit contains four prisms, one laser pointer, an “I Love Optics” sticker, and the experiment card.

“My father, Norman Edmund, dedicated his life to inspiring and educating children to study science and engineering. The original Edmund Scientific Catalog was filled with build-your-own telescopes and unique science kits,” said Robert Edmund, CEO. “This year’s Photonics West offered an amazing opportunity to further that inspiration and get our community involved with optics outreach for schoolchildren around the world.”

In keeping with The International Year of Light’s global initiative, Edmund Optics takes seriously the responsibility to raise awareness, especially in our children, of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health.

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