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Shipping Policy


Following the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, Edmund Optics took steps to ease Brexit related delays. The most significant of these changes is the addition of a new shipping route to deliver products to our EU customers more reliably.

As of 19th April 2021 Edmund Optics Ltd started to use the UPS WorldEase service, whereby our shipments from the UK are sent to an EU clearing house in Cologne, Germany and from there the order is sent directly to you. This means it becomes an EU to EU shipment significantly reducing delays in customs clearance with no extra information required from you our end customer. Please note you will need to change your vendor account for us, as we will be using our German VAT number, and therefore charging 19% German VAT on domestic German shipments. We have seen significant reductions in customs delays using UPS WorldEase and we are confident that this is the way forward to enhance our service levels and avoid Brexit related customs delays.

The incoterms for these shipments are initially DDP for the entry into Germany, and then once the shipment is in Germany, the incoterms are DAP- Edmund Optics Ltd is responsible for any applicable duties and taxes for any Worldease shipments to you.

Edmund Optics Ltd German VAT number is DE 318349510.

Inventory / Logistics / Flow of Goods

EO has multiple distribution centres throughout the world, with the largest warehouse being on the east coast of the USA and European customers currently serviced from our UK distribution centre. To increase flexibility and leverage our global inventory network while simplifying customs processes, we will ship products via the UPS World Ease Service using the main UPS European hub in Cologne, Germany. The World Ease Service consolidates multiple shipments to multiple consignees in the same country, or within the EU, which then moves and clears customs as one transaction, and is then split for delivery in the destination country, or within the EU. In effect this creates an ‘In transit warehouse’ in Germany for EU shipments.

Order Processing

Your current Edmund Optics Ltd contacts for sales, invoicing and order processing remain unchanged. Technical support and order processing are available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Orders should still be placed with Edmund Optics Ltd.

Invoicing / Changes to Your Invoice from Edmund Optics Ltd

Your orders will be shipped from Edmund Optics Ltd in the UK via our ‘transit warehouse’ in Germany using the UPS World Ease Service. Edmund Optics Ltd will clear the goods through Customs and into the EU on your behalf, using our German legal entity Edmund Optics Gmbh as joint importer of record. For the purposes of tax and duties all shipments to customers in Germany will therefore be domestic German supplies and as a result will now include German VAT at 19%. Shipments to all other EU countries will be intra-community supplies and therefore zero rated for VAT where a valid VAT number is provided. The Edmund Optics Ltd VAT number for this transaction will be DE318349510.


Edmund Optics Ltd located in the UK continues as your legally binding contract partner. The standard tariff numbers (TARIC) will remain. EO will continue to respect its obligations under GDPR.

This detailed information describes how EO is adapting to the current challenges and should help creating some transparency around the changes. In any case, please be assured that EO is continuously monitoring developments, remains pro-active and will keep you updated. EO thanks you for your cooperation and the trust you have in us, we apologize for any inconveniences you might have experienced and we look forward bringing the best value to our continued relationship.


If a customer is located outside of the EU, or if a customer is within the EU with no valid VAT number, then the shipment will be sent to you “non-WorldEase”. This means that the order will be sent directly from the UK. The incoterms for this are DAP whereby the customer is responsible for any duties and taxes for receiving the shipment. The VAT number shown on our invoices in this case will be GB 721383944.

However, due to the new EU VAT legislation which came into force on the 1st of July 2021, (which German customs authorities are currently applying to WorldEase shipments under €150), shipments up to €150 for customers located in the EU (excluding Germany) with a valid VAT number will also be sent “non-WorldEase”. This means that the order will be sent directly from the UK to avoid customs delays and ensure you receive your delivery as quickly as possible. The incoterms for this are DDP (and the city of delivery) and Edmund Optics Ltd is responsible for paying the duties and taxes for the shipment. The VAT number shown on our invoices in this case will be GB 721383944.

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