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Multi-Element Tube System

Multi-Element Tube System is designed to simplify prototyping optical assemblies using a diverse range of components and accessories to optimize design performance. This highly versatile system ensures that each system remains highly adaptable to new requirements. Featuring an enclosed, matte finish dual tube construction, the Multi-Element Tube System provides easy and accurate lens spacing and alignment, along with low internal stray light.

Edmund Optics offers Multi-Element Outer Tubes that define the overall system length, while Inner Optic Mounts ensure appropriate and adjustable spacing between the optical components. Inner Single Optic Mounts and Inner Pair Optic Mounts ensure accurate spacing between optical components, and are ideal for creating beam expander or relay lens assemblies. Optical spacing between the inner mounts can be defined by using TECHSPEC® Multi-Element Spacer Rings and Tubes. The Multi-Element Tube System supports optical diameters between 5.0 to 25.4mm and can be adapted into the TECHSPEC® Optical Cage System and C-Mount systems via adapter plates and rings. The versatility of the Multi-Element Tube System makes it ideal for system instrumentation and OEM applications.


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